Early Days

Sri Gummadi Venkateswara Rao popularly known as "Gummadi" to Telugu speaking people all over the world.  Gummadi garu was was born on July 9th, 1927 in Ravikampadu Village near Tenali in Guntur District to Sri Basavaiah and Smt Buchhamma.  He was the eldest of four brothers and one sister.  Gummadi garu was curious by nature and was an avid reader of books right from his childhood.  He grew up in a combined family and was constantly surrounded by elders, aunts, uncles and grand parents.  He would often get into discussions with people 20-30 years older than him.  Perhaps this part of his childhood had an indelible influence as he grew up.

Gummadi garu studied SSLC at a High School in neighboring village "Kollur".  During his schooling days he was tremendously influenced by two people.  His Telugu Master Sri Jasti Sriramulu Chowdary sowed the seeds for Gummadi garu's love and appreciation of Telugu Language, with his clear and precise pronunciation as he was teaching Telugu.  His teacher used to make Gummadi garu read text books out in class.  Under his tutelage Gummadi established a strong foundation and command over diction.  During his eighth grade Sri Sriramulu asked Gummadi garu to take part in a play for the School anniversary.

National Silver Medal for Mahamantri Timmarusu
Raghupati Venkaiah award from Govt. of AP
Best Supporting Artiste from Madras Film Fans
Special Film Fare award for Jyothy in 1977
Supporting actor for Ekalavya
Supporting actor for Ee Charitra Ye Siratho
Supporting actor for Gaju Bommalu
Supporting actor for Nelavanka
Best Actorfor Maromalupu
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